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Mental Performance Coaching that blends Parts Psychology, NLP techniques, and ICF Core Competencies.

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Mental Health Coaching

Mental health coaching is a relatively new development within the field of life coaching. While respecting core coaching competencies, mental health coaches are able to dig deeper into transformative inner work with clients

Mental Health Coaching combines life coaching core competencies and Inner Dynamics parts psychology. Certification involves extensive training in advanced coaching models capable of guiding clients through the transformation needed to achieve optimal mental health and daily functionality.

    When I first started working with Mike I was focused on growing in my career and increasing my leadership capabilities; I didn’t expect that the relationship would also have such a positive impact on my personal life. Mike’s a really easy guy to talk to, he’s a great listener, supportive, and has the ability to ask non-judgemental questions that challenge my existing beliefs and behaviours.

    Jasmin B Senior Project Manager

      Leadership & Career Coaching Services

      We provide group coaching, individual coaching & hybrid coaching models.

      Our Career / Leadership Coaching clients are typically highly motivated people looking to get the most out of their talents. Often times they are not 100% sure what they are trying to achieve, their only goal is to grow as a person (both professionally and personally).

      Life Coaching

      Life Coaching is one of the fastest growing fields in the world today. However, not many people truly know what it is, or if it is right for them!

      When I first started working with Mike, I wasn’t sure what I was looking to accomplish. What I did know is that I wanted a coach to help me grow as a person. Our relationship has been beneficial in a variety of ways, in both my personal life and career. His patience, empathy, and knack for asking the right question at the right time gives me the space and freedom to work through my thoughts. After each session, Mike leaves me feeling confident in my goals, confident with my plans, and pleased with our progress.

      Jessica F Deputy Chief-of-Staff

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