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Mental Health Coaching

Mental health coaching is a real need

In the last 30 years, mental health has shifted toward focusing on clinical disorders and prescribing medication for chemical imbalances. This paradigm shift toward medication has pushed aside many effective approaches to non-clinical mental health. Additionally, studies indicate an alarming shortage of trained mental health professionals, well below the demand. This often leads to a significant delay between the time an individual reaches out for support and when they actually receive it.

Mental health coaching does not replace therapy!

Clinic therapists are a necessity and their work is invaluable. Mental health coaches and therapists can work in tandem; however, the coach must understand the boundaries of their training and can not treat clinical diagnoses.

Is Mental Health Coaching right for you?

Neither the general public nor mental health coaches have access to the diagnostic tools therapists use with their patients. Instead, we review our day-to-day feelings and actions and monitor deviations from our baseline functionality. Where are you on the functionality scale below?
  • In the Green Zone: we have a high level of functionality in our day-to-day lives.  We are effective at work, engaged with our family and friends, and are still maintaining our hobbies.  But at the same time are dealing with some challenges impacting our mental health.  The words “I’m doing ok, but…” are common in the Green Zone.

  • In the Yellow Zone: there is a noticeable impact on our baseline functionality.  We may still be going to work and attending to our families; but, our social connections and hobbies have been disrupted.  Perhaps we find ourselves lashing out more often at work, calling in sick more often, turning down social engagements, or simply finding life really challenging.  The words “I’m struggling” are common in the Yellow Zone.

  • In the Red Zone: our lives are being very disrupted by our mental health.  That may show up as depression, anxiety, addiction, or even suicidal thoughts.  The Red Zone is when one should seek a licensed therapist for support.

If you find yourself within the Green or Yellow Zones, working with a trained Mental Health Coach is appropriate!