NextGen Professional

NextGen Professional
Leadership & Career Coaching Services

We provide group coaching, individual coaching & hybrid coaching models. What areas of focus does our Career Coaching typically address:

– Communication skills
– Understanding others
– Change management
– Delegating
– Decision making
– Building trust
– Conflict Resolution
– Honest conversations & feedback
– Life Balance
– Changing careers

Our Career / Leadership Coaching clients are typically highly motivated people looking to get the most out of their talents. Often times they are not 100% sure what they are trying to achieve, their only goal is to grow as a person (both professionally and personally). And yes, sometimes that includes exploring new career options!

NextGen Professional has provided invaluable resources and training to our team. The coaching they have provided has helped to transform our young talented team members swiftly and professionally into major contributors who work effectively independently as well as have the skills to manage teams of varying talents, personalities and performance levels. Through the training and coaching provided by NextGen, our teams have learned to transfer their lower performers as well as accelerate their high performers.

Nick C Director of Engineering