NextGen Professional

NextGen Professional Life Coaching Services

Is working with a Life Coach for you? It is, if you can identify with any of the following:

– Lacking motivation
– Interested in exploring your future
– High levels of stress in your life
– Feeling “stuck” on an issue
– Dealing with challenging relationship(s)
– Trying to find your “purpose”
– Want to increase happiness
– Improve your Life-Balance


The heart of our Life Coaching practice is listening. Judgment free listening. Yes, we can use techniques to help our clients further; but, in most cases our clients have the necessary resources already, they just need a trained professional to help them pull those resources out!

Mike’s coaching directly impacted my ability to manage stress in a fast-paced industry, my ability to build strong relationships with co-workers and clients, my ability to step out of my comfort zone; and perhaps most important, he helped me increase my self-awareness, self-confidence, and drive to consistently improve.

Allie B Marketing Manager